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Beaverton Schools

Academic Support

BASE offers a period of the school day for Academic Support. For middle school students, students can receive academic support in AVID Elective, ELD classes, Learning Strategies, and Supervised Study. Almost all middle school students take Supervised Study as an Academic Support class. High school students have Access Tutorial every B-Day. Access Tutorial provides students access to their teachers for academic support and make-up tests. Additionally, students receive support from their peers and can collaborate on projects.

When students struggle with classes there are a number of resources available to them. Teachers are the best source of support for students. Collaborative peer support through student-led study groups are encouraged. The Beaverton School District maintains a list of tutors. Please contact the Beaverton School District main line at 503-356-4500 for information.

If a student has failed classes and may need credit recovery to graduate, contact the school counselor for how to enroll in a credit recovery support program at BASE. Other options include summer school at students' neighborhood comprehensive high school.