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Advancement Via Individual Determination

Schoolwide AVID at the secondary level doesn’t mean that all students are enrolled in an AVID Elective class. What it does mean is that all students thrive in an environment where academic expectations are held high; inquiry-based pedagogy and collaboration are evidenced in all classrooms; systems and structures focus on the needs of students; and campus leadership has cultivated a culture of college readiness and success for all students.
When stepping onto a campus where AVID is schoolwide, it is not uncommon to see all students taking focused notes; using some form of binder, agenda planner, or other organizational tool; and engaging in collaborative, dynamic academic activities in classrooms facilitated by AVID-trained teachers. Students have open access to rigorous courses like advanced math, Advanced Placement®, and dual enrollment. Moreover, academic support structures are often offered throughout the school day so that all students have opportunities to thrive.

AVID Elective Class
AVID Elective targets students in the academic middle; they are not straight "A" students, nor do they fail their classes.  AVID students are easily identifiable because they are determined students who want to succeed, but may need a little support focused on specific college readiness skills such as note-taking, test preparation, time management, etc.  
Who are AVID Elective students?

  • AVID students are in 6th - 12th grade from the academic middle, and meet the following requirements:
  • GPA of 2.0-3.5
  • Average to high SBAC test scores
  • Have the drive/determination to be successful in school
  • Have great potential for success with added support
  • The student wants to be in AVID
  • Students must complete the application and interview process to be enrolled in the elective. 
  • For more information, see the Beaverton School School District AVID Page or contact Christine Muggli, AVID Coordinator for BASE

If you are interested in volunteering to be a Tutor for AVID, email us at:

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