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Beaverton Schools

Student Clubs

BASE has a number of student clubs during lunch and after school for high school students. Middle school clubs are also available.

BASE high school students can also participate in OSAA clubs and activities at their home (neighborhood) high schools including Speech & Debate team, Marching Band, and Theatre. The earlier release time of the BASE school day provides BASE students access to the start time of these OSAA clubs and activities.

See the high school club list for 2022-23 below:

Club name- Computer Club

Teacher advisor- Douglas Wilson Student advisor- Egor Ryzshkov

Meeting Location- Douglas Wilson’s computer room high school area.

Description- We at computer club do everything computer related. Currently we are studying unity/blender and our end of the year goal is to make a mobile/computer game which can be enjoyed by everyone at base no matter their age. We are accepting members at any time, so why not drop by?


Club Name: Science Ambassadors Club Teacher Advisor: Steve Lent

Meeting Time: Wednesdays @ 2:05 p.m. in room 1613

Description: High school students will act as Science Ambassadors and mentors to fifth grade students at Oak Hills Elementary. High school student ambassadors will plan and present fun, engaging science activities to the elementary students. All meetings are at BASE, except for the third and fourth Wednesdays of the month, starting in January, which will be held at Oak Hills. 


Club Name- Metal Club Teacher Advisor- Mr. Baumann

Student Advisor- We are all leaders in the Metal Club

Meeting Time- On Wednesdays or Thursdays (whichever is the “A” day) during lunch in Mr. Baumann’s room.

Description- A space to appreciate heavy music free of  judgment; all musical tastes are welcome.


Club name- Mock Trial Club

Teacher advisor- Dr. Stonick Student Advisor- Rayyan Ridha

When and where do you meet?- Meets after school, 2:10-3:00pm in Dr. Stonicks (Room B-1614)

Description- We try to learn and experience the world of law and the courtroom by preparing for mock trial cases; procedures, rules, and enjoying the act.

Club name: Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) 

Teacher advisor: Mx. Reid   Student Advisors: Axen Wetzel & Aiden Vernon (Co-presidents) 

When and where do you meet?: Wednesdays after school from 2:05-3:00 pm in Mx. Reid's room

Description: GSA is a community and safe space for LGBTQ+ students and allies. We focus on education and advocacy for queer and trans rights, provide support, and host fun activities.


Club name: BASE Red Cross Club

Teacher advisor: Dr. Kristin Ruff Student advisors: Noelle Mortensen & Cybelle Flanegin

When and where do you meet?: Every other Wednesday after school from 2:15-3:15 pm in Dr. Ruff's Classroom.

Description: The BASE Red Cross Club is an extension of the American Red Cross where we work in the 6 different lines of service - Biomedical, Training, International, Fundraising & Development, Disaster Cycle, & Armed Forces.

Club name- Futsal Club

Teacher advisor- Ms.Wilson 

Student advisor- Christopher Zelaya

When and where do you meet?- In the gym on Thursday 

Description: Futsal club is a club for those that are looking for something similar to soccer and trying to improve in futsal or soccer


Club name- Key Club

Teacher advisor- Colleen Medlock Student advisor- Hailey Taylor

When and where do you meet?- Medlock's room (#1201), every other Thursday after school

Description- Key Club is a volunteer and service club, and is one of the largest student-led organizations in the world. Join us for service hours, leadership opportunities, and lots of fun!

Club Name-Science Fair Club

Teacher Advisor- Melissa Shell    Student Advisor-Sophie Wang & Haasini Godavarthi

When and where do you meet?- Every Other Monday (2:15pm-3:15pm)

Description-Science Fair Club initiates the inclusion of community through discussion and mentoring. Students have the opportunity to find their own passionate topics and conduct an experiment to compete at the regional science fairs, and potentially qualify for ISEF (Internationals).


Club name - Tech Team

Teacher advisor - Ms. Arizpe | Mr. Morrison Student advisor - Andrew Gondoputro

When and where do you meet? - 2:05 pm to 4:00 pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays

A one or two sentence description. - A place for developing skills through personal and student lead projects. Access and training to machines in the Makerspace and the Woodshop like the 3D printers, CNC, Laser Engraver, and Embroidery machine.


Club Name- Band club 

Teacher Advisor- Terri Hammond  Student Advisor- Angel Barrios Mariscal 

When and where do you meet?- Tuesdays after school

Description- We play music we create an inclusive community welcoming to all musicians who love music



Club Name- MEChA

Teacher Advisor- Brendan Kehoe Student Advisor- Angel Barrios Mariscal 

When and where do you meet?- Tuesdays and Thursdays during highschool lunch

Description-an inviting community that is welcome to all to come and hang out


Club Name- Jesus Pizza

Teacher Advisor- Colleen Medlock  Student Advisor- Ethan Mueller

When and where do you meet?- Medlock's Class (Room F-1201) Every other Thursday after school from 2:05 to 3:00 pm

Description- Jesus Pizza is a safe space at BASE to meet, eat pizza, and learn more about Christ.  

Club Name- Physics Club

Teacher Advisor- Ms.Shell  Student Advisor- Longhao (Jacky) Chen, Nickhil Prakash 

When and where do you meet?- We meet every Wednesday after school until 3:15

Description- We introduce physics and chemistry concepts to students through fun and interactive experiments, fostering interest in these subjects. 


Club Name-  BASE Fishing Club

Teacher Advisor- Mr. Lent Student Advisor- Will (Nash) Potts

When and where do you meet?- We meet in Mr. Lent's room during High School Lunch. (On A days that fall on a Wednesday)

Description- This club gives students at BASE the opportunity to enjoy fishing and learn about fishing together. This is a great way to help teach others about the current state of the environment and how we can help take care of it, even as fishermen/fisherwomen.


Club Name- PBS Film Club

Teacher Advisor- Jared Agard Student Advisor- Kaitlyn Samuel

When and where do you meet?- During lunch, Tuesdays and Thursdays, Agard's room

Description- PBS Film Club is a club that helps create an explore films, specifically those meant to educate, research, or display a topic. PBS films are connected with a topic by PBS, usually pertaining with youth, school, and social political situations in our world. The teacher and group help create and publish films about these topics that could win prizes or be featured on public broadcast.


Club Name: Chess Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Agard Student Advisor: Everett Maxfield

Place and Time: G-1065, Wednesdays, 2:15-3:15

Description: We learn chess concepts and then apply them in our games against each other.


Club Name- Fitness Club 

Teacher Advisor- Mr. Leitner for the Fitness Club Student Advisor- Juan Pabon Vargas

When and where do you meet?- We meet in the Gym on Mondays and Wednesday after school from 2:15 to 3:15. 

Description- We want students to get access to a place where they are able to meet people and have fun with others while getting some physical activity. 


Club Name- Environmental Club

Teacher Advisor-  Dr. Ruff  Student Advisor- Juan Pabon Vargas

When and where do you meet?- We are currently meeting on Thursdays during lunch.

Description- Our goal is to raise awareness about the current environmental issues that we are facing, educate others about the steps that can be taken to help the environment, advocate for the safety of the environment, and to address environmental issues in our community.


Middle School Clubs 2022-23

Club Name When Day and Time Club Meets
Badminton Club Fridays at lunch Thursdays 2-3
Base Switch Club Tuesdays and Thursdays during Lunch Thursdays during Lunch
Crochet Club Thursday During Lunch Thursday+ Tuesdays during lunch
Drama Club   Mondays and Wednesday 2-3
Dungeons & Dragons   Mondays 2:05-3:15pm
German Learning   Tuesday Lunch
OC Clash/ Clash of Characters   Tuesday after school
The PokeNerds   Thursday 2-3
Trash Cleanup   Even Days, 1st even of the week, at lunch
Music CLub   Friday after school 2-3
Sports Club   Friday at lunch
Lego Club   Every Tuesday b-day at lunch
Pokemon Video Games   Friday 2:00 -3:15
Home ed Life skills   1st and 3d Wednesday F-1041 2-3pm
Vex Robotics   Thursday 2-15 - 3:30
Chess Club   Wednesday 2-3
MECHA   Fridays at lunch
Public Speaking   Tuesdays 2-3:15