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Beaverton Schools

Student High School Leadership

BASE High School Student Government Constitution


Article 1: Vision of the Student Government

Section 1: Vision and Mission

Our vision as members of Student Leadership and Student Government is to create a positive and inclusive environment for the people of BASE regardless of identity.

Section 2:

Article 2: Integrity of Leadership Members

Section 1: High School Student Leadership

1. Will be available to all incoming students grades 9-12. Leadership is a semester-long or - year-long course. Students must complete the paper Student Leadership Application before Leadership can be added to course requests.

2. High School students can only earn up to a total of 2.0 credits for Leadership I and II combined.

Section 2: Middle School Student Leadership

1. Will be available to all incoming grades 7-8. This is a semester course. Students

a. Can only take the class once throughout their middle school years.

Article 3: Student Ambassadors and Crew Presidents

Section 1: Student Ambassadors

1. Student Ambassadors are representatives of our school. They help lead guests during any visits or after-school activities.

Section 2: Crew Representatives

1. Crew representatives are people elected in each individual crew to represent student concerns and suggestions from each individual crew. The way that elections will be run are decided by the crew teacher. Crew representatives will meet with the school’s current Instructional Guide on a monthly basis with other crew representatives of their grade.

The crew representatives change every semester and are to be re-elected if the current crew representative position is empty.

Article 4: Student Government Roles

Section 1: President and Vice President

1. The BASE Student Government Presidents represent the Student Body as a whole. They are responsible for enforcing the Constitution, organizing and conducting meetings, running the annual elections, and communicating with the Student Body. ASB presidents must be incoming juniors or seniors.

2. The Vice President and President have access to the BASE Leadership Instagram account.

Section 2: Grade-Level Representatives

1. BASE Grade Level Representatives are required to facilitate and communicate the needs of their grade to higher officials such as the Student Government Presidents, the Principal, and Administration. BASE Grade Level Representatives are required to demonstrate their Grade’s opinions about school events, activities, spirit and ways to unify BASE without bias or conflict.

Section 3: Student Government Duties

1. The entirety of the student government is responsible for the facilitation of clubs, planning of in-school and out-of-school activities, assemblies, community outreach, and promoting school spirit. Specific events that the entirety of student government are meant to plan include:

a. Club Fair: Club Fair is a yearly event in which in school and after school clubs are presented. Student government is required to plan the club fair and schedule it. Student government is also required to communicate with club student leaders and their corresponding teacher advisors. Student government is to approve the clubs as they see fit. Upon approval, the club forms are sent to the principal for final approval.

i. Clubs must have at least 5 active members and a teacher advisor to run for the school year. The principal will have the final approval for all final Club offerings at BASE each year.

ii. Clubs may be disbanded if active membership is below 5 students.

b. Assemblies: Student government is to be the main planners of all assemblies held throughout the year. They are to manage the location, time and the distribution of the assembly content planning. Assemblies must be planned ahead of time and be approved by the Principal.

c. Future Leadership Calendar: The Future Leadership Calendar is a calendar given to the Principal to reserve time from the following year for during school and after school events. This calendar should be made before the end of the year to clearly communicate when time needs to be taken out of access tutorial or staff will be needed for an after school event.

2. Specific Duties for each member are subject to change for each year but some example duties include:

a. Secretary: Secretary is responsible for the planning ahead documentation of student government meetings. This requires good communication skills with the principal’s secretary and the ability to write concise summaries and notes whilst the meeting is happening.

b. Treasurer: Treasurer is responsible for keeping track of the Leadership budget and keeping clear communication with the school bookkeeper about our spending and income. They will be required to fill out the income form from money earned.

c. Director of Advertising and Publications: Director of Advertising and Publication is responsible for advertising school events and announcing events to the entire school. They are also required to make sure that in-person media (such as posters and flyers) are being created by people in Leadership. The Director of Advertising and Publication has access to the BASE Leadership Instagram account.

d. Presidents: Presidents are responsible for leading student government, finding the prom venue with the principal and leading the meetings with the principal.

3. Student Government is meant to be in charge of the communication to upper level administration for leadership. They are not a communication vessel for individual student issues.

Article 5: Elections of Student Government Officers

Section 1: Nominee Requirements

1. Presidential nominees are required to be incoming seniors or juniors.

2. Grade-Level nominees must be incoming for the position they are running for. Current 8th Graders are able to run for 9th grade representative, current 9th graders can run for 10th grade representative, current 10th graders can run for 11th grade representative and current 11th graders can run for 12th grade representative.

3. All nominees are required to be recommended by one teacher.

Section 2: Electoral Process

1. All elections will be held at the end of each school year (April-May) with a highschool wide survey run by a group of 4 or less people who are not allowed to run.

2. Presidential nominees are to be voted on by the entire high school. Grade Level Representatives are to be voted on by their respective grade level peers.

3. Election Advertisements include:

a. 10 Posters: The poster must contain the position they are running for and their name. The other content it has is to their choice but the posters MUST be approved by the Student Government.

b. 1 video: The video’s time limit is to be decided by the election committee. The video must contain: Your name, the position you are running for next year and a brief description of yourself.

c. One Social Media Infographic on the BASE Leadership Instagram account -approved by the Leadership Teacher, President, Vice President and Director of Advertising and Publications.

4. Once elections are over, winners will be announced and their elected positions will be instituted after the current school year. Winners will be automatically enrolled into the upcoming year’s leadership class.

5. Candidates are allowed to withdraw before the electoral voting process begins. Candidates must be willing to fulfill the role and responsibilities of the position. Student Government is not a popularity contest.

Article 6: Voting

Section 1: Students

1. All 8th graders, Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors enrolled at BASE have the right to vote for the BASE Student Government Presidents.

Section 2: Staff

Staff members are not permitted to vote or persuade students to vote for a certain candidate. They are, however, allowed to voice their opinions on candidates in a positive manner.

Article 7: Student Government Removal and Filling Vacancies

Section 1: Removing a Student from Leadership

1. Removal of a leadership student can happen from:

a. Student(s) violating BSD code of Conduct or HS Leadership student expectations (Administration makes a final decision on removal)

b. Student(s) moves and will no longer be at BASE

Section 2: Filling Vacancies

2. Presidents- If the current president position is vacated at the beginning of the year then the Vice President will move up to the position of President.

a. If both the President and Vice President spots are vacated then the third-place runner-up will become President.

b. If the Vice President spot is vacated then the runner-up president OR runner-up vice president will move up to Vice President.

3. Grade Representatives- If the current grade representative position is vacant then the runner-up will be elected.

4. In the event of the runner-up not being in leadership or there being no runner-ups at all, then a mini leadership-only election will be held.

Article 8: Meetings and Planning for Student Government

Section 1: Student Government Meetings

1. Student government will meet 3 hours per month in intervals of 80 minutes stretched between 2 classes. Meetings will be held during school. A record of date, time, and members present will be kept at every meeting.

Section 2: Administrative Meetings

1. A high-ranking administrator, in the form of a principal or vice principal, should be present during at least 1 meeting per month

Section 3: Official Decision Making

1. Both presidents and 3/4 of the grade representatives must be present for any official decisions to be made.

2. Students can bring ideas, concerns, or plans of action to the Student Government

Meetings for approval (with a pass).

3. Depending on the type and level of the decision, the decision likely will have to progress

through any of the following:

a. Administration’s Approval (Principal, Vice Principal, Superintendent, or any other with administrative powers)

b. The Current HS and/or MS Leadership teacher’s approval

c. 2/3rd HS and/or MS Leadership’s approval

Article 9: Amendment and Ratification

Section 1: Changes

Any change made to the constitution must first be presented and approved at a Student

Government meeting by both the Student Government and the principal. After which it must be approved by 2/3rds of the current High School student leadership class. Once all of these requirements are met then the changes shall be officially ratified into the constitution.

Article 10: Publication and Advertising

Section 1: In-School Advertisement

All posters, flyers, TV Slides, etc, will have to pass the approval of Student government officials i.e., BASE Student Body President(s). They will have the power to deny or approve any and all form(s) of publication(s). Advertisements are required to be school appropriate / safe for work.

Any publication(s) that are posted without approval, deemed inappropriate / NSFW, containing inappropriate language, exclusiveness, racism, hate speech, etc, will be removed at the discretion of Student Government. All Social Media posts are shared with the principal.

Article 11: Ratification of the Constitution

The first edition of the Beaverton Academy of Science and Engineering Constitution was drafted between 11/08/22 - 6/7/23 on 80-minute, period 8 leadership meetings by the following

Student Government Members:

Prerana Thilavalli, Khanh Nguyen, Aaron Agard, Angel Barrios Mariscal, Kaitlyn Samuel, and Anthony Viray

Articles and sections were voted upon and approved by High School Leadership students during this time period as they were created. The entire B.A.S.E constitution was approved by leadership students on 6/9/23

Administration Approval: Diane Fitzpatrick, Principal 6/9/23