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Want to order a Yearbook?

Yearbooks for BASE are ordered directly from Jostens. Click this link to connect to the Jostens' site.

Questions, please email Katelyn Denny 

Senior Photos DUE January 12, 2023

Your senior portrait and optional quote and baby photo are now being accepted by Yearbook Staff! 

Please submit all materials in the same email!

Image Requirements:

  • No props (vehicles, guns, other people, pets, instruments, etc.)

  • Clothing must meet school dress code standards

  • No hand signs

  • Portrait layout (Example). Photos may be cropped to fit the photo box.

  • Headshots or head and torso shots are suggested. Full body photographs can be difficult to see at print size

  • Please only submit one photo! 

Note: Screenshots from phones are not acceptable due to low image resolution

Photos can be submitted electronically to through email or shared Google Drive. They can also be submitted as a CD or on a thumbdrive

Note: lf we do not receive a senior photo that follows these requirements by January 12, 2023, your student lD photo will be put in place of your senior portrait. If there is no submitted portrait and no school ID photo, a "no photo available" box will be used. 

It is your responsibility to make sure your photo meets the requirements and is submitted on time!


Senior Quotes (Optional)

  • All quotes must be limited to 100 characters/spaces total. Yes, spaces between words count and need to be included. 

  • All quotes must be school appropriate in content and/or references to other works (songs, movies, people, etc.)

  • Please check your quotes for spelling, grammar, and accuracy

  •  All quotes are subject to review by administration and the yearbook staff. If your quote is deemed inappropriate, you will have the opportunity to submit an alternate quote

  • If you aren’t sure whether or not your quote will pass this review or if you have a question, email Ms. Denny at

Senior Baby Photos (Optional)

  • Please only submit one photo! Only one photo per student will be included

  • If you only have a physical photo, please have your student bring it to Ms. Denny in F-1102 and she'll scan it.

To Submit:

Email to Ms. Denny:

Please include the Student’s full name and Senior Portrait in the subject line

Example: Diego Maradona Senior Portrait

Questions? Contact Ms. Denny: